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Your Vintage Ladies

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Helene Curto

Founder, Owner and Serial Entrepreneur 😊of

Distinctive "Vintage"


Helene & Joan


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Joan Davidson

 Co-owner of 😊

Distinctive "Vintage"

About Our Shop


My Sister and I find that people are still looking for inspiration, one of a kind unique tableware and Vintage Home Decor. Our search for inspiration for the both of us is to bring new life to your home with the most unique pieces of tableware found from all over.  All of our items in the store are Vintage and I'm sure a look into the past.  Who owned it, where was it and how did they use it.  We hope that re-purposing our items will be the centerpiece of your home when entertaining or gift giving and of course topics of conversation.

We hope you enjoy your purchases at our shop and contact us as needed.

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