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Vintage 1910's

Vintage "Rare"Bohemian Czech Art Glass Bowl with Lid-an Estate Sale find! At the end of the war, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is dissolved and Czechoslovakia becomes an independent country. The term "Bohemian glass" usually refers to glass made in Bohemian lands until 1918; after 1918, it was referred to as Czech Glass. All Czech Art Glass was usually made by hand by skilled craftsman.

This piece is just breathtaking....the cranberry and gold just complement each other while the hand painting of the flowers gives it a beauty all it's own. This piece happens to be in excellent condition with no chips or cracks or signs of wear and the original booklet and seal are inside the bowl.

The bowl measures approximately 6" in diameter on the outside, inside opening 3 1/2" in diameter and the overall height from bottom to top finial is 7".

Vintage "Rare"Bohemian Czech Art Glass Bowl with Lid

SKU: DVH-671
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