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Vintage 1950's

Vintage Blue Ridge Pottery-Sugar and Creamer Set with Hobnail handles- "Carnival Pattern"


What history on these historic plates. Blue Ridge dishware was rooted in a pottery established town of Erwin, Tennessee around 1916 at the behest of the Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Railroad and chartered as Southern Potteries Incorporated in 1920. During the late 1920s, under the guidance of Charles Foreman, Southern Potteries implemented its underglaze decoration technique.

Although Southern Potteries eventually employed over 1,000 workers and had gained a foothold in major markets across the United States, the company was unable to overcome the onset of plastic dinnerware in the 1950s. The rise of various collectors' organizations in the 1980s helped make Blue Ridge a popular collectible item.


This set is in pristine condition and purchased from a women in her late 90's. Apparently she never used them! The Colors are still vibrant and the glaze is still in tact. The creamer measures 5.5" inches in width from the spout to the handle, height is approximately 3" and the sugar bowl is 6" from handle to handle and also 3" without top and 5" with top.


Vintage Blue Ridge Pottery-Sugar and Creamer Set with Hobnail handles

SKU: DVH-744
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    Vintage or antique items are not brand new and some have quite a history and may have some imperfections due to the glass composition and blowing and older pottery may have some crazing but, I try to describe each item as accurately as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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