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Vintage 1950's

Vintage "Woodland" Hull Console Vase-W10-11. Hull pottery began production in 1905 in Crooksville, Ohio, under the leadership of Addis Emmet. The company introduced its first line of art pottery in 1917, and it sold these pieces to florists and gift shops. By the early 1920s, Hull’s business was booming. The company kept producing pieces until Hull closed for good in March 1986.

Pattern is in excellent Vintage condition with no chips or cracks and the color is very vibrant and not worn. The piece is 11" in length, 4" in width and 4 1/2" in height. What a lovely piece for the Hull collector!
I have 2 Vases available and both are in Mint Condition.

Vintage "Woodland" Hull Console Vase-W10-11

SKU : DVH-1009
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