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Vintage 1920's

Vintage Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles" Cup and Saucer Set. Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles" is one of the best known from Johnson Brothers. It was a success as a variation in the traditional Blue & White and then became available in Pink/Red. Stamped on the back with the Pink Crown and original Pink Engraving. This is an original production as anything re-produced were stamped in green.

The Cup is 6 oz and the saucer is 5.5 in diameter. "Kenilworth Castler 1792"

I did not see any chips or cracks however because of the age there is crazing and discoloration on some pieces and it does not inhibit it's use.

There are 6 sets available and I will give a discounted price if you want all 6. Please Message me before you buy.

Vintage Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles"- Cup and Saucer Set

SKU : DVH-1126
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