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Vintage 1940's

Vintage Franciscan Apples Pattern Pedestal Cake/Compote Stand. Made in the USA. Was introduced in 1940, Franciscan Apple is a beautiful earthenware pattern featuring hand-painted designs that reflect the beauty of California's apple orchards. Apple looks great year-round, and pieces from this pattern make impressive gifts. Apple earthenware was proving so popular, it was continued to be made by the Wedge wood group after closing the Franciscan production facility in Los Angeles in 1984. English Franciscan Apple will be back stamped "Made in England". American Franciscan Apple will read "Made in USA", Made in California", and/or have a U.S. trademark." -"Franciscan, An American Dinnerware Tradition"

The Compote stands 4" tall, 8" in diameter and 4.75 in diameter at the base. This piece is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or signs of use.

I believe this was one of the older pieces as it has a number and is not marked. (This stamp was used on hand painted earthenware only. The letter identified the day of a month, each month beginning with the letter A. The following two numbers refer to the decorator, and the last two numbers give the year. This system star­ted in 1944 or 1945.)

Vintage Franciscan Apples Pattern Pedestal Cake/Compote Stand

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